Diversity and Inclusion Are Guiding Principles for What We Do

While plenty of legal staffing and recruiting agencies advertise diversity and inclusion, in our experience, few truly integrate these principles into their work. At D3 Search, however, they are guiding principles for what we do. We believe strongly in the value of cultivating a diverse workforce, and we are committed to working with law firms and corporate legal departments that foster inclusive work environments for their temporary and permanent staff at all levels.

Whether your firm or department currently has an informal diversity and inclusion policy or holds (or aspires to hold) a Mansfield Certification, D3 can help you to build a thriving workforce which is highly inclusive of pre-screened and well-qualified diversity candidates. We take our role in helping our clients to execute their diversity and inclusion initiatives seriously (although, fortunately, we do not take ourselves too seriously) – simply stated, we enjoy doing it!

Diversity & Inclusion: Our Commitment to Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments

We understand the immense value that building a diverse and inclusive workforce can have for law firms and corporate legal departments of all sizes. We also understand that managing partners and general counsel often may not have the time – or the resources – to identify and vet candidates on their own. This is where we come in.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the legal industry (both substantively and as recruiters), D3’s principals are intimately familiar with these challenges. We have also developed a unique appreciation for what happens when law firms and corporate legal departments truly devote themselves to the principles of diversity and inclusion. As a result, D3 is committed to always matching our clients with candidates who are not only diverse and well-qualified, but who share your firm’s or legal department’s core values and who are committed to thriving in a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Diversity & Inclusion: Our Commitment to Our Candidates

Candidates from all backgrounds and all walks of life benefit from law firms’ and corporate legal departments’ diversity and inclusion policies. We work with law firms and legal departments that have a demonstrated commitment to giving equal opportunities to all candidates—not only in terms of recruitment and hiring, but also in terms of compensation in direct-hire placements, career development and position advancement.

As a candidate working with D3 Search, we are committed to you.  We treat all candidates equally. We recommend all of our selected candidates with fervor and enthusiasm, based solely upon your skills, experience and character and not by any other intrinsic factor. 

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