D3 Search and its principals have extensive experience in staffing document review and other labor-intensive projects requiring highly qualified paralegals or attorneys. By matching the experience and skills of our candidates to your specific business needs, our senior paralegals or contract litigation attorneys may perform complex document review for your firm at a significant cost savings. Alternatively, we can refer attorneys who have experience providing more substantive support to law firms by taking a more active part in the litigation (or transactional) process including, without limitation, taking and defending depositions, law and motion practice (to include dispositive motions), acting as a second chair at trial, handling deal closings and financings, and other substantive work.

D3 Search project attorneys provide immediate and quality legal services as a cost-effective means to handle provisional increases in workload. D3 Search is uniquely qualified to locate the appropriate project paralegals or attorneys for each individual client due to our vast experience and network of connections covering virtually every practice area.

Finally, if your physical space is limited, we are able to host the entire project on site at our offices, saving you even more time and money relating to clerical, administrative and IT expenses.