is creative and thoughtful in matching candidates with job opportunities. I reached out to seeking a position about which I was not excited. However, looked at my background and skills and proposed a match which for me, seemed out of left field. He was confident in the fit and encouraged (but didn’t force or push) me to take a risk based on his experience and knowledge of the industry. At this time, I was working with several other legal recruitment firms, and s efforts stood out. He doesn’t waste your time. He is professional, gives you his honest feedback, incredibly personable and makes sure you are thoroughly prepared through the process of finding a position through accepting an offer. I cannot recommend him enough as a true partner in the job search.

I have had the good fortune of working with Don over the past several years. He placed me in two positions, both well matched with career goals at both times in my life. I am currently at the second company he placed me with and it has taken my career to another level. Don is professional, emotionally intelligent and accomplishes a lot with less time than his competition. He is honest about what he knows and what doesn’t – Don tells it like it is. Moreover, when I work with him, I know he is invested in me and I’m not just another candidate in the “system”. That is the most invaluable quality to me, and I have struggled to find this trait in other recruiters.

If you are searching for a position in the legal field, your first stop should be with Don at D3.